Inflatable Kayaks

Are you looking for an inflatable kayak that's easy to transport and can be used on any occasion? One, two, three and even four-seaters? Discover our selection of inflatable kayaks, a kayak set, and much more for all levels of practice and navigation conditions. From classic formats to models for experienced kayakers, find the ideal kayak to explore lakes, seas, and rivers all summer!

Our Selection of Inflatable Kayaks

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, the inflatable kayak is an ideal water equipment for one or more people. Ready to be used on lakes, seas, and rivers, our models are available in different sizes, shapes, design, and materials. Plus, they adapt to all preferences and conditions, from one-person kayaks, 2-person kayaks or even 3-person kayaks. Enjoy our kayak accessories to go out fully equipped!

Compact and Practical Formats

Our inflatable kayak is designed to inflate, deflate, and store easily. Equipped with a compact cover, they can be transported over short distances. Ready to explore rivers, lakes, or the sea? Use our inflatable kayak pumps to inflate it in a few minutes, put it in the water,

and enjoy your inflatable kayak ride! Discover our entire collection of kayaks and canoes for your aquatic outings. 


Wide Range of Kayaking Accessories

To complete your gear or replace certain parts of your inflatable kayak, we offer a complete range of accessories and equipment for paddling. Enjoy our selection of waterproof bags for kayaks as well as our paddles and replacement parts to help when paddling the different bodi

es or water. And for a safe navigation, we offer a variety of kayak life jackets.


Enjoy a Group Adventure with Inflatable Kayaks

Enjoy water activities and sports with friends or family, Decathlon offers 1-person inflatable kayak or inflatable kayaks for 2, 3, and even 4 people! And depending on the number of paddlers, some of our models are also modular. Explore the options of each of our kayaks to lea

rn more about their features and benefits and be ready for your next paddling adventure.


Quality Equipment for Memorable Experiences

Decathlon is a French sports equipment brand specializing in over 60 sports and activities, including water sports. Recognized worldwide, we offer quality gear at an affordable price for the whole family. And for maintenance advice or to repair your inflatable kayaks, visit ou

r in-store workshops!