Basketball Clothes

Basketball clothing is pivotal in enhancing performance and providing comfort during the game. It's specifically designed to allow maximum movement, manage perspiration and complement the vigorous pace of the sport.

Types of Basketball Clothing

Basketball clothing comprises jerseys, shorts, pants and much more. Basketball jerseys and shorts are typically lightweight and breathable. We also offer a wide range of basketball shoes that offer grip and ankle support. As well as apparel, we also offer a wide selection of basketball gear, like compression gear and basketball compression pants and padded protections contribute to safety.

Comfortable and Breathable Solutions

For your comfort, our women's, men's and children's basketball apparel is made with breathable, moisture-wicking materials. Our designs also optimize agility thanks to loose-fitting cuts. Plus, take advantage of basketball gear

 available in a variety of colors to choose your next jersey according to your favorite team!


Choosing Basketball Clothes

Choosing the right basketball clothing considers factors like comfort, fit, breathability, and personal style. Players often opt for jerseys and basketball shorts that provide unrestricted movement and shoes with good ankle support. Explore also 

our different basketball bags to carry your equipment.


Proper Care for Your Decathlon Basketball Clothing

Proper care of basketball clothing includes gentle machine wash, avoiding bleach, and air-drying. This routine extends the basketball clothes' lifespan and maintains its performance-enhancing properties. Discover also our basketball baskets to play from home



About Decathlon Sports Brand

Decathlon specializes in quality sports gear and apparel, at an affordable price. We create innovative, comfortable, and performing gear that supports athletes at all levels. Our commitment to making sports more accessible is reflected in our extensive range of affordable, hig

h-quality products for an active lifestyle. Visit us in store or shop online. We offer delivery across Canada.