Basketball Shoes

Decathlon is a benchmark name in the field of sports equipment, including in the area of basketball shoes. Our shoes, designed with precision and an understanding of the sport, contribute to the performance and comfort of many players on the court, of all ages, levels, and preferences!

High-performance basketball shoes, at the cutting edge of technology

All our products are designed with state-of-the-art technology. Our innovative designs feature advanced cushioning and stability systems, which enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Thus, each game is a step towards victory. Discover all our basketball clothing, shoes, and equipment today!

Superior traction and fit for better agility and endurance

Our basketball shoes are designed to enhance player performance. With high-quality traction and fit, our shoes significantly improve agility and endurance, making them essential allies on the court. Also, discover our basketball shorts to complete your equipment! 

A statement of style

Beyond functionality, our basketball shoes are designed for all styles. Our various models and flagship ranges are appreciated by players of all ages and preferences. A perfect blend of performance and style, both on the court and in the street. Explore our basketball jersey c

hoices too. 


Our initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint

We are committed to sustainable development. As a large company, we are aware of our impact on the planet and its inhabitants. We are constantly seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, from our basketball shoes to second-hand product offers, in order to minimize our environmen

tal impact and align our products with our values and those of our customers. Learn more about our efforts to make a difference


Experience Decathlon

At Decathlon, we offer a unique shopping experience. Visit our stores to try our basketball shoes and receive expert advice. You can also shop online! Explore the detailed descriptions of our products as well as customer reviews to find the right models. Also, 

discover our basketballs and all our other products dedicated to this discipline!