Kids' & Toddlers Ski Clothing

When the first snowflakes start to fall, it's time for your little ones to embrace the winter wonderland in style and comfort. Our collection of kids' ski clothes is designed to keep them warm, dry, and looking adorable as they eagerly explore the Canadian mountainside and its snowy slopes.

Cozy and stylish winter outfits for your little ones

We understand the importance of keeping your children snug during the chilly Canadian winters. Our kids’ ski clothes not only provide the warmth they need, but also ensure they look fashionable while doing so. Discover vibrant ski hats and beanies, snowsuits, and mittens, for we've got everything to make them the cutest snow bunnies in town.

Durability that lasts through snowball fights and ski adventures

Kids will be kids, and that means they'll be building snow forts, engaging in epic snowball battles, and tackling the ski slopes with boundless energy. Our kids’ ski clothes are crafted to withstand their active lifestyles. With reinforced stitching and high-quality materials,

you’ll find ski gloves and mittens, coats, and pants built to last, no matter how rough the winter play gets.


Stay dry and warm with our advanced insulation

Canadian winters can be quite harsh, but with our advanced insulation technology, your little ones will stay cozy and dry all day long. Our kids’ ski clothes feature moisture-wicking fabrics that keep the snow and cold at bay, so they can enjoy hours of outdoor fun without fee

ling the chill.


Ski clothes for toddlers and kids: Easy care and cleaning

We know kids can get messy, especially when playing in the snow. That's why our ski clothes for toddlers and kids are not only designed for performance but also for easy care. When their winter escapades are over, simply 

toss those ski neck warmers, mittens, beanies, and socks into the washing machine, and they'll come out looking as good as new.


Embrace winter with Decathlon’s ski clothing

Winter in Canada is a magical time, and we want your children to experience it to the fullest. With our kids' ski clothes, they'll not only stay warm but look stylish while they delight in a winter wonderland. Explore our collection of ski clothing

 for adults and kids today and prepare the whole family for a season of snowy fun!