Punching Bags & Wall Mounts

Are you looking for a punching bag to help you develop your strength and precision? You've come to the right place. Our punching bags and wall mounts are made of the most durable materials to give you the best punching experience. Come and try an inflatable punching bag in one of our locations !

Discover punching, training and boxing bags on a stand, wall, foam or sand

Our manufacturing process is carefully designed to provide boxing accessories and punching bag models that meet your intensive training requirements. We use superior-quality materials to ensure the durability of all our products. Hook up a punching bag wall bracket and enjoy your boxing bag for years to come, guaranteed!

Punching bags for all skill levels

We have punching bags, and punching bag stands to meet the specific needs of the most dedicated athletes. Thanks to their optimal weight and perfectly balanced shape, you can improve your striking technique and increase your strength and performance. Our adjustable punching ba

gs will allow you to progress on a daily basis from the comfort of your own home.


The benefits of training with a punching bag

A kickboxing punching bag helps tone arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles. It is also effective in developing leg muscles when striking from a standing position. Investing in the proper boxing gloves or mitts

 and mounting a heavy punching bag is an excellent way to improve strength, coordination and overall fitness.


How to choose the right punching bag?

When choosing boxing pads or a punching bag, several criteria should be considered: weight, material, size and stability. It is crucial to choose a weight adapted to your physical abilities, a resistant material that is refillable to adapt to your needs, a size that suits your

use and a stable base.


Accessories for your boxing workouts

When training with a punching bag, it is recommended to have several items of boxing equipment such as boxing gloves to protect your hands and joints, a headband to keep your hair in place and avoid sweat in your eyes, a towel to wipe off transpiration, and a pencil to keep a

training diary.