Boxing Equipment & Gear

Boxing gear for all levels

We have designed the best boxing equipment to withstand the rigours of intensive training and to provide optimal comfort. The art of combat requires rigorous physical and mental preparation. We believe athletes deserve the best tools to help them reach their full potential.

What equipment is available for Thai, English and French boxing?

Our product line includes punching pads, boxing gloves, silicone mouth guards, natural rubber jump ropes and high-density foam punching bags. You’ll find a variety of boxing accessories for your needs. Our range of combat sports products is made from high-quality materials and

designed to provide an unparalleled boxing training experience.


We test all our boxing gear: gloves, bags, accessories, clothing and materials

We are committed to providing punching bags, boxing gloves and a variety of boxing gear that meets the highest standards for quality and safety. All our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet international standards. Our products are tried and tested for your boxin

g training.


The benefits of boxing for men and women

Boxing is an all-around sport that provides numerous physical and mental benefits. It strengthens muscles, improves coordination and flexibility, increases cardiovascular capacity and helps burn calories. It builds self-confidence, determination and focus and relieves stress. 

Where to buy your boxing equipment? At Decathlon

If you’re looking to buy boxing equipment, Decathlon has a wide range of products for your boxing workouts. You will find everything you need if you are looking for gloves, protection, clothes or other boxing supplies. Shop online, or come and visit us directly at the location

nearest you and discover our collection of boxing pads and mitts in person! Our advisors can help you make your choice.