Boxing Pads & Punching Mitts

Boxing pads are vital for those who practice boxing. This type of gear is used to protect body parts and allows athletes to train with more power. We carry a variety of high-quality foam punching shields for boxers of all levels.

Boxing pads and punching mitts for all your boxing training needs

For beginners or professionals, boxing pads are essential training accessories for any boxer. They allow you to successfully complete an intensive training session. Decathlon boxing equipment will enable you to practice different types of strikes while helping you improve your technique and punching power.

Large boxing pads

Mastering technique. Boxing pads are an important component for developing your boxing technique and punching accuracy. We offer a range of boxing equipment and pads for boxers (kickboxing, Muay-Thai, K-1) who want to work on the power and precision of their foot-fist and knee



The benefits of using our boxing punch shields

Our selection of boxing punch shields offers several advantages, such as providing good cushioning to absorb blows on both sides thanks to an air chamber or foam, depending on the model. Another advantage is the resistance to friction thanks to a polyurethane coating on the hi

tting zone, which provides wear resistance to keep products in top condition.


Boxing pads for different types of boxing

Boxing pads are used in different boxing styles, such as English boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Pads allow boxers to practice their punches, kicks, knees and elbows while improving their accuracy, speed and power. 

Match them with the proper boxing gloves punch and bring your training sessions to the next level.


Our delivery service

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