Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes for everyone

Embracing nature means accepting its unpredictability and untamed character. Our running shoes are designed for those daring explorers who venture onto the paths less travelled. Sturdy and reliable, they're your ally in the face of every challenge the great outdoors throws at you. Don’t forget to include your little one in your adventure by exploring our trail running shoes for kids.

Comfortable and Durable Shoes with Optimal Support and Unparalleled Gripping Power

Nature is beautiful, but it can also be rough. Our shoes combine comfort and durability, providing optimum support for your feet on the most challenging trails. Our soft, absorbent sole cradles the arch of your foot, while our rugged outsole guarantees unparalleled gripping po



Aesthetics that stand up to the elements

Discover women’s trail running shoes that fuse aesthetics and functionality, withstanding every whim of nature without ever compromising on your unique style. With dynamic designs and colours inspired

by the Canadian landscape, they reflect your passion for adventure and exploration.


Trail running shoes: The promise of long-lasting durability

Made from environmentally-friendly and durable materials, our shoes are a symbol of our commitment to protecting nature. By choosing our men’s trail running shoes, you are endorsing an eco-responsible initiative and guaranteeing the longevity of your running equipment.

The Canadian Spirit at your feet

In Canada, trail running is a celebration of nature at its best. Our footwear reflects this true Canadian spirit, combining performance, comfort, and style. Whether you're running in deep luscious forests or on rocky mountains, find durable running gear

 ready to accompany you on every adventure.