Running Shoes: Road, Trail & Racing

Advanced Running Shoes Engineered for Optimal Efficiency and Adaptability

There was a time when we revolutionized the game with an advanced piece of technology: our running and jogging shoes. Designed to perfection, they adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot and enhance your stride with remarkable efficiency. You'll find a running shoe dedicated to women.

Decathlon's Running Shoes with Exceptional Cushioning and Traction for All Terrains

Ensuring your foot's comfort is our mission. Our collection of running shoes is designed to balance comfort and performance. The insole and midsole gently support your arch, and the durable outsole offers exceptional traction and reduces impact on your knees, even on the tough

est trails. Discover our full range of men's running shoes on our website.


A Design for Every Runner

Recognizing that every runner has different needs, we offer a wide range of athletic shoe designs with various features. Whether you're a trail runner or a road runner, our diverse range of running shoes, with unique models that ensures you'll find the perfect fit. Choose a pa

ir that not only serves your running needs but also complements your personal style. 


Sustainable Running Shoes for Men, Women, and Kids

Our jogging shoes are not only beautiful and comfortable, they're also durable. Made from sustainable materials, our lightweight running shoes are part of a sustainable approach. We've also designed running shoes for kids and children

.Experience all-day comfort with a pair of Decathlon brand running shoes.


Running in Canada

In Canada, our running shoes are more than just a piece of sports equipment, they are your favourite companion for your adventures. Whether you're embarking on a morning run by the lake, climbing the Rocky Mountains, or navigating the urban landscape of Toronto, our trail runn

ing shoes, our sneakers, and our road running shoes are crafted for every Canadian adventure. Gear up to push your limits and reach new goals.