Bike Handles & Grips

Are you tired of stiff and uncomfortable bike handlebars? Give your bicycle a new look and extra style with our premium bike handlebars and grip. Each product is carefully designed to enhance your bike’s aesthetics and offer superior comfort to create a better cycling experience.

Customize your handlebars with the accessories you need

Discover our comfortable and stable bike handles tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want to add LED bike lights or a basket, choose from a selection of shapes, sizes, and materials to find the perfect fit for your needs. Add all the necessary accessories and enjoy your bike ride in total comfort.

Enhance your riding experience with comfortable bike grips

Relieve hand pain thanks to our ergonomically-friendly comfort bike grips. Made from padded materials, they provide a secure hold that minimizes slippage and maximizes comfort even in rainy, slippery conditions. Get bike grips to reduce hand fatigue and numbness to enhance you

r safety and gain maximum control of your bike.


Get a better grip with our handlebar tape

Create your own stylish handles with the help of our comfortable and durable handlebar tape. Each layer adds extra cushioning to your drop handlebars to relieve hand pain and slipperiness and enhance the overall comfort of your bike ride. Our tape is a 

perfect addition to your bike tool kit. It will allow you to gain better control of your bike’s cockpit, making your cycling experience more enjoyable.


Easy to install ergonomic handlebars

Crafted using high-quality materials and designed with your comfort in mind, we offer ergonomically friendly bike handlebars that reduce vibration and enhance stability. Installation is easy; screw them into your bike, and you’re ready to go. Reduce strain on your wrists and h

ands, and get a sturdy grip on your handlebars for a more comfortable ride.


Let Decathlon enhance your cycling experience

At Decathlon, we’re more than just handlebar specialists. We aim to enhance the cycling experience for the entire family. Whether you’re searching for specific bike components, handles, bike lights, sturdy pedals or bike tools, we have what you need. So please drop by our stor

e and discover why how products can make your cycling experience memorable.