Bike Brakes

Upgrade your bike’s braking system with our high-quality brake pads and cables. Designed for reliability, they work to help you gain control and enjoy a smoother and safer bike ride. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or casual rider, a reliable brake system will ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Responsive bike brakes for reliable stopping power

Discover high-quality bike brakes and brake levers to provide consistent stopping power for all your cycling adventures. Easy to install and designed to last, we offer a variety of bike components, including cables, pads and much more, to ensure your safety, so you can ride with confidence at all times.

Upgrade to high-quality bike brake pads and cables

We provide the perfect combination for seamless braking performance through our durable and reliable brake pads and brake cables. Each pad provides an optimal grip, while our cables offer optimal responsiveness. When installed together, they ensure safe and superior stopping p

ower in any situation. In addition, you can protect your cables from wear and tear by installing a sturdy bike brake housing to ensure consistent performance at all times.


Mountain bike disc brakes for superior stopping power

As an avid mountain biker, you know firsthand the importance of having a pair of reliable brakes on your bike. Mountain bike disc brakes provide superior control and stopping power, making them a preferred choice for serious mountain bikers. Sturdy and durable, you’ll be able

to stop in the rain or the mud without a problem


Install reliable and high-performance V brakes

Improve your bike’s braking power and responsiveness with our adjustable V-brakes. Sturdy and easy to assemble, you’ll find all necessary components, including v brake noodles, v brake cables, v brake boots, and v-brake pipes for consistent stopping on all terrains. Install th

e brakes, tighten the screw, adjust to your preference, and enjoy a reliable and new set of brakes for your bicycle.


Decathlon: The provider of safe and reliable bike cables, tools and accessories

Decathlon offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports goods and accessories to help keep Canadians active. For all your bike brakes and cycling needs, we can help. Whether you need bike tools for regular maintenance checks

 or accessories to ensure the quality of your tires and locks, come see us and discover a variety of durable and reliable products today.