Folding Bikes & City Bikes

Folding bikes are an excellent solution for those with limited space and who like to take an eco-friendly mode of transportation to work. This foldable design model is easy to carry and store but f you’re more of a casual rider who enjoys urban settings, city bikes are the perfect solution for your short-distance commutes around town.

Easy to carry and store folding bikes

Designed to be compact and lightweight, folding bikes can effortlessly be taken on buses and subways, allowing you to navigate the city with ease. If you have a little more storage space, lightweight city bikes can easily be integrated into your lifestyle. Safe and low-maintenance, these models can be taken on public transit or up a flight of stairs with no problem.

Comfortable city bike for a great ride

Discover our bikes for men, women, and children and ride in comfort and style around the city. Ideal for everyday use, we offer a selection of bicycles that fit your needs and are tailored to your personality. Equipped wi

th comfortable seats, suspension systems and handlebars, find the perfect choice for your weekly family activity.


Easy to safeguard folding bikes

Because of their portability, foldable bikes can conveniently be compacted and taken anywhere with you and kept safely in your closet or on your balcony. For those times when your bike cannot be safely stored, you can secure it using a high-quality lock. We 

offer a range of bike locks designed for foldable bikes.


Discover simplicity with a fixie bike

Fixie bikes, or fixed-gear bikes, are ideal for those who enjoy a low-maintenance minimalist look. With fewer parts and no gears, these lightweight models are responsive and are one of the best ways to commute around the city. Fast and agile, discover all the benefits and simp

licity of a fixie bike. 


Decathlon’s mission: To offer quality, affordable products

Our mission is to make sports affordable to all Canadians. In addition to city bikes and foldable bikes, we offer a wide selection of quality cycling gear and apparel to enhance your riding experience. Find a wide range of adjustable cycling helmets

, locks, accessories and everything else you need to stay fit and active.