Kids Bike Accessories

Are you looking for kids bike accessories tailored to the needs and preferences of the young ones? Learning to ride a bike is a significant moment in a child's life. To best support them in this big step, we offer a wide range of accessories designed to discover the pleasures of cycling.

Our Children's Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle training wheels, original bells, or treasure baskets, you will find a variety of children's bicycle accessories for all tastes and colours ! To decorate their bicycle or give momentum to our future cyclists, Decathlon offers you a complete selection of bicycle accessories for all ages and levels.

Cyclist Gear for Kids

To equip the bikes of your youngest and make it their own, we offer a wide range of children's bike accessories suitable for their personalities. Enjoy baskets, doll carriers, horns and colourful personalized bells to equip your children's bikes according to their colours and

preferences. These accessories are ideal for kids bikes.


How to Find the Right Gear for Children?

To find the suitable products for your kids, use our filters at the top of the page! They will help you sort through our selection of kids bike accessories. Select the options that suit your children from our product categories, brands, price ranges, or colours. Choose from a

wide selection of axles, grips, streamers, ropes, bike lights, bike bells, bike helmets and much more.


Complete Equipment to Learn to Ride a Bike

Teach your kids to pedal confidently on 4 or 2 wheels! We offer a complete range of cycling gear for their first trials. Take advantage of our various choices of training wheels for bicycles of different sizes, or even our learning bars for gradually starting on two wheels. Ma

ke sure to also follow the weight capacity intended for each bike. 


Decathlon: Your Partner for Outdoor Fun

A French brand of international renown, Decathlon offers both kids and adults a range of quality equipment, designed for more than 65 disciplines! We believe that an active life and the pleasures of the outdoors should be accessible to everyone. That's why 

we offer products at advantageous prices, without compromising on quality or durability. Visit us in store or online and make your next biking experience the best one yet !