Microfibre Towels

Our microfibre towels, as soft as can be, are miracles of modern technology, woven with microscopic threads. They offer an unparalleled drying experience and a delicate embrace for your skin. In the world of towels, micro is the new macro!

Unmatched Performance

Our microfibre towels are heroes of absorption, soaking up water like a spring in the desert. They dry in an instant, freeing the swimmer from the discomfort of dampness. They are the tireless guardians of your comfort, the sentinels of drying. Discover our entire collection of towels for your next outdoor activities! We already know you'll love our products and they will become your ultimate companion for your next aquatic activities.

Lightweight and Compact: Easy to Travel

Microfibre towels are wonders of portability. Light as a feather, compact as a paperback book, they are your ideal travel companions. They slip into a backpack, a beach bag, ready to unfold at your service at any given time. No more bulky towels, skip the standard beach towel

and bring your Decathlon all-purpose microfiber towels along to your next activity, favourite sport or camping adventure.


Burst of Colours

Our microfibre towels are rainbows of colours, kaleidoscopes of patterns. They brighten your day with their vibrant hues and their enchanting designs. They are art at your fingertips, the burst of colours in your everyday. Swap your ordinary all-purpose sport towel for an extr

aordinary microfibre towel.


Decathlon's Sustainable Commitment

We believe that every fibre counts. Our microfibre towels are sustainably made, with from conception to materials. They are the expression of our commitment to the planet, our contribution to a better future.

Innovative Microfibre Towels

Each microfibre towel is a celebration of innovation, an invitation to touch the future. We invite you to discover the pleasure of microfibre, the softness it offers, enjoy the burst of colours, and to pick your favourite microfibre towel at an affordable price, online or in s