Kids and Babies Rain Pants & Waterproof Pants

Are you looking for rain pants for boys and girls suitable for their favorite outdoor sports? No matter the weather or the season, life outside is way too good to stay home. Keep your little ones warm and dry while enjoying their activities check out our rain pants for kids.

Our rain pants for toddlers, boys and girls

For our young hikers, horseback riders, sailors and cyclists, there's no question of putting aside their activity in case of rain or bad weather. Be ready at all times with our equipment designed for the occasion! You can take advantage from a range of rain pants designed to continue their activities, whatever the conditions.

Rain pants for girls

Our waterproof pants for girls have all the features to keep them dry and comfortable during their outdoor activities. Lightweight and moisture resistant, they keep water out while allowing the fabric to breathe to keep them comfortable. Ideal solutions for hours of play, even

in the rain!


Effective protection to splash and play outdoors

In any circumstance, our overpants are ready to be used to continue playing outside without getting wet. Our waterproof pants for kids are just as practical for youngsters as for their parents. They are easy to put on over clothes and store when the adventure!

Waterproof Pants for Boys

No matter the sport, occasion or outdoor activity, our pants are designed to withstand the elements and provide optimal comfort for kids. We offer rain pants for girls and boys with adjustable straps for a perfect fit, convenient pockets for small items and reinforcements for

added durability.


Decathlon Canada: comfort and quality

As a world-renowned company, Decathlon is proud to provide quality sportswear at affordable prices. Our rain pants for boys and girls are one of them! We are confident that you will find the perfect solution for your children at an affordable price that combines quality with c