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Caps and hats for all occasions

Want to enjoy your outdoor activities while protecting your head from the sun ? Decathlon offers you a wide range of equipment to cover your head, whatever the occasion or the season. Discover our caps and hats for women, men and children, designed for all styles, needs and activities.

Your top choice of sports caps

Are you a fan of outdoor sports of all kinds ? We have the caps you need! Whether it's ball sports, running or hiking, there's a cap to fit every sport. Also check out our travel hats to travel the globe well equipped. Our range of sports caps come in a variety of colors and s

tyles, so you can choose the perfect one to match your personal taste and athletic needs.


Which hat model should you choose?

There's a hat to suit every need and occasion. Explore our men's caps and hats to see our different options. Whether it's a neck protector, mosquito net or waterproof, you'll find the right gear to cover your head while you enjoy your sport activity. Our collection of caps and

hats are designed to offer protection and style for any occasion.


A protected head for a serene summer

For young and old alike, it is important to protect yourself from UV rays during the summer season. Especially for the youngest ones who are more at risk. For a safe summer, discover our choice of caps and hats for children

, designed for hours of fun in the sun and water. 


Shop Decathlon: buy sports accessories for women, men and children

Looking for quality sports accessories at affordable prices to equip the whole family? Explore our range of sports accessories to practice all your favorite activities with the right equipment. Decathlon is proud to design quality equipment to accompany the active lives of Can

adian families.