Kids' Base Layers

Kids’ base layers, including merino wool base layers for kids, are crucial for outdoor adventures in winter. Designed to be worn directly on the skin, these layers provide thermal insulation for active children who need to stay warm and comfortable during their outdoor activities.

Base layers for kids

Available in a range of sizes and playful colours, these kids base layers are perfect for parents looking to keep their children warm and dry while offering them a trendy look. The creative designs make them fun and suitable for everyday wear.

How to choose a kid’s base layer ?

When choosing a base layer for children, it is important to consider temperature, activity, and personal comfort preferences. Synthetic materials are durable and provide good moisture-wicking, while merino wool is naturally soft and breathable.These materials are 

ideal for outdoor activities


Easy to care for kids base layers

These kids' base layers are easy to care for and clean, making them convenient for busy parents. They can be machine washed and laid flat to dry without losing their shape or quality, making them practical and durable.

Base Layers for Skiing

For skiing activities, base layer and pants are essential to stay warm and dry. Fitted models provide thermal insulation, while looser designs offer better freedom of movement for optimal performance on the slopes.

Kids’ base layers for style

These base layers cater to the needs of all children looking to explore the world while staying protected and comfortable. So, why not add these high-quality base layers to your child's wardrobe this winter and give them a fun and cozy outdoor experience ?