Base Layers for Men, Women & Kids

Base layers for everyone

Base layers, including merino wool base layers, are a smart choice for adventurers seeking comfort and warmth during winter. Designed to be worn directly on the skin, these versatile layers provide a soft and protective feeling for all outdoor activities. An added benefit, they dry quickly !

Base layers for winter

Made from high-quality materials and natural fibres, our base layers for men, women, and children feature innovative characteristics, such as flat seams to minimize friction and strategically placed ventilation zones to improve breathability. This allows users to focus on thei

r activity without worrying about getting wet.


Merino wool base layers

Available in a range of sizes and stylish colours, our base layers for women, men, and children are an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay comfortable and warm while maintaining a fashionable look. Their fitted cut and ergonomic design offer great freedom of

movement, whether they are made of merino wool or synthetic fabric.


Easy Maintenance

These base layers are easy to care for and clean, making them ideal for frequent travellers or those with an active lifestyle. Our wide range of basic diapers for children, men, and women can be machine washed and laid flat to dry without losing their shape or quality, making

them practical and durable.


The benefits of layering

Layering involves wearing multiple layers of sportswear while allowing for good body temperature regulation. The first layer should be in contact with the skin to wick away moisture, also known as the base layer or the merino wool base layer, followed by an insulating layer to

retain heat, and finally an outer layer to protect against the elements.