Women's Base Layers

If you're looking for a comfortable solution for your daily routine, our base layers for women are exactly what you need! Designed to offer optimal protection, our base layers are soft and comfortable for the skin, in addition to keeping you warm this winter.

Women’s base layers for every day

Made from high-quality materials, our base layers for women offer discreet and effective protection. They are perfect for daily activities such as work, outings, and sports, such as hiking, walking, or running.

Base layers for every body type

Our base layers for women are designed to fit all sizes and body types, offering a snug and comfortable fit. With their sleek and discreet design, our base layers are easily integrated into your daily wardrobe. We offer different styles and sizes to fit all body types.

How to choose your base layer for women ?

When choosing a base layer for women, it's important to consider your level of activity and your protection needs. Light base layers are better suited for intense activities, while thicker layers offer increased protection.

Merino wool base layers for women

Merino wool base layers for women are the warmest due to their natural ability to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. Synthetic base layers can also offer superior insulation, especially those with

fleece or microfleece linings.


Base layer pants for winter

Merino wool base layer pants or any other base layer pants are designed to be worn under other pants to provide additional insulation. They are often made from merino wool or synthetic materials and provide thermal protection and moisture-wicking properties for optimal comfort

in the coldest weather: this is the multilayer system.