Sports Bras

Sports bras adapted to all disciplines and all morphologies

Sports bras offer essential support and protection for athletes of all levels. By choosing the right gear, you can feel comfortable and secure during your most intense workouts. Whether you're boxing or running, our sports bras and merino wool bras will support you at all times !

Sports Bras for women

Tailor-made support for your body. Each body is unique and deserves personalized support. High-quality women's sports bras are designed to adapt to your shape and movements, providing maximum comfort and optimal protection. You won't want to take it off!

Maximize your performance with high-quality sports bras and merino wool bras

Boost your performance with quality gear. High-quality sports bras and merino wool bras can improve your performance by reducing pain and injuries caused by abrupt movements. They can also give you better posture and breathing, allowing you to give your best. Discover also 

our wide range of underwear for the whole family.


At what age should I wear a bra?

There is no specific age to start wearing a sports bra; however, it is recommended to begin wearing one when you notice a need for additional support during intense physical activities. This can occur at different times for different people, depending on their physical develop



Which is the best sports bra ?

Both a sports bra and a regular bra are supportive garments for the chest, but they serve different functions. A sports bra for teens and kids is designed to provide extra support during intense physical activities, while a regular bra is designed to support the breasts on a d

aily basis.