Sports Underwear

Sports underwear for the entire family

Sports underwear is an essential accessory for athletes of all levels, whether they're men, women, or kids. With their high-quality fabric and innovative design, these underwear provide superior comfort, performance, and protection for a range of physical activities, such as running. Discover now our wide range of sports underwear designed specifically for men.

Merino wool, nylon, cotton and microfibre sports underwear

Made from high-quality materials such as microfibre, nylon, and merino wool, these sports underwear for women, men, and children offer increased elasticity and durability for maximum performance. Their seamless design minimizes chafing and irritation, making them perfect for e

ven the most intense workouts.


Sports underwear for everyone: Kids, womens or mens

Our sports underwear comes in a variety of styles, including boxers, briefs, and sports bras for women, as well as a range of colours and patterns. Made with breathable materials, these underwear help reduce odours and keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy. With their super

ior moisture-wicking properties, optimal support, and seamless design, our sports underwear can help you perform at your best during any physical activity.


Easy-care training sports underwear

Thanks to their breathable fabric, these sports underwear for kids, men, and women wick away sweat from your body to keep you dry and fresh during even the most intense workouts. Plus, they're easy to care for: simply wash them in the machine and hang to dry without worrying a

bout losing their elasticity or softness.


Which underwear is best for men and women for sports?

Men and women have different options when it comes to sports underwear. Men can choose from boxers, briefs, or long underwear for optimal performance, while women can opt for sports bras, panties, compression shorts, or leggings. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered

with a wide selection of comfortable and high-performance sports underwear.