Kids' Winter Boots

At Decathlon, we have a wide range of winter boots for boys, girls and babies! Whether it's for school, playing outside or for your winter activities and hikes, we have warm and comfortable boots for your kids!

The best winter boots for children: rain, snow and waterproof

Make sure your kids stay warm and dry throughout the winter months with our selection of waterproof snow boots. With these boots, you can rest easy knowing that your little ones can play and walk in the snow without any worries.

How to choose the right winter boots?

Finding the perfect winter boots for your kids is easy! First, determine their main winter activity. We offer a wide range of options, including everyday boots and specialized hiking boots. To ensure a perfect fit, come try them on in-store.

Winter boot sizes for babies, girls, boys, and youth

Stay warm and comfortable all winter long with our wide range of winter boot sizes for babies, kids, girls, boys and youth. Our insulated boots are perfect for any winter activity. Plus, you can easily check the available sizes in-store on our website or order directly online

if you're confident about the size and type of boot your child needs.


Winter boots for youth: Great quality at a fair price

At Decathlon, our mission is to make sports accessible to everyone, including kids. As a globally recognized retailer, we design, manufacture, and rigorously test all of our own products. That's why we can offer you high-quality children's snow boots at affordable prices.

Who are we?

At Decathlon, we are dedicated to making sports accessible to everyone, by designing, manufacturing, testing and selling our own products for more than 65 different sports. With fair prices, our mission is to make sports accessible to as many people as possible. With stores in

every corner of the country and in over 60 countries worldwide, you will find any item you need no matter where you are!