Shoes Accessories

Shoe accessories to keep your footwear in top shape

Caring for your boots or shoes is critical in keeping your favourite pair of footwear in good condition. Whether you're a shoe enthusiast or simply concerned about extending your footwear’s life expectancy, our accessories are ideal for anyone who cares about their feet.

Transform your winter footwear with high-quality and stylish laces

The perfect pair of laces can transform the look of your winter boots and shoes in the blink of an eye. With various colours, textures and styles to choose from, laces can add a touch of personality to any pair of shoes. Plus, high-quality laces are more durable than lower-end



Stay safe and comfortable on the trails with durable hiking laces

Hiking laces are an essential shoe accessory for hikers looking to explore the wilderness. They keep shoes tightly laced and prevent injuries and slips on ascents and descents in all kinds of weather. Choosing strong laces and adjusting them properly before each hike is import

ant for optimal comfort.


Importance of choosing the right Soles for sports

A good pair of shoe soles are a crucial part of footwear for sports, hiking or everyday use. They provide grip, shock absorption and stability for your feet. Choosing sports shoes and insoles for specific activities is essential to avoid pain and injury.

How do I care for a pair of shoes ?

To properly maintain a pair of Decathlon footwear, it is important to clean them regularly with a soft brush and a clean cloth. Use footwear cleaning products suitable for your shoe's material to protect them from water, dust and dirt. Find the perfect shoe accessories at Deca

thlon today.