Kids Underwear

Sports underwear is a must-have accessory for children's physical activities, whether it's an intense workout or a day of outdoor play. Designed with comfortable and breathable fabric, sports underwear provides the necessary freedom of movement for optimal performance.

Boxers, briefs and underwear for youth

When it comes to choosing underwear for children, there are many options available, including boxers, briefs, panties, and girl's underwear. Our selection of sports underwear comes in a variety of fabrics, colours, and seamless designs, designed to minimize chafing and irritation during physical activities.

Cotton, nylon and merino wool underwear

Our sports underwear are crafted from high-quality materials such as microfibre, nylon, merino wool, and spandex to provide a comfortable and durable fit that can withstand daily wear and tear. With a range of colours and patterns to choose from, you're sure to find a style th

at suits your taste and preference. 


Optimal comfort for girls and boys

Our kids' sports underwear are specifically designed to provide optimal support and protection against chafing during physical activities. With their snug fit and elasticity, these underwear contour to your child's body for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement. Whether you

're looking for softness, breathability, or elasticity, our sports underwear has got you covered.


Do you need athletic underwear?

Our sports underwear for children features a seamless design that minimizes irritation and chafing, making them perfect for active kids on the move. With their durable construction and moisture-wicking fabric, these underwear are designed to keep your child comfortable and dry

during any physical activity. Plus, they are easy to care for - simply machine wash and air dry, and they'll retain their elasticity and softness.


Underwear for all sports activities

The choice of appropriate sports underwear depends on the type of physical activity being performed. High-intensity sports require underwear that offers optimal support, while low-impact sports allow for more freedom of movement. Check out our wide range of sports underwear av

ailable directly on our website or in one of our stores across Canada!