Bike Protective Gear

Essential biking equipment for your safety

If you're an avid cyclist, you know how crucial it is to stay protected during all your rides and have the right protective gear for the bike. They are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. We often think of the helmet bike for your protection, but there are many others. At Decathlon, we offer a wide range of safety equipment for cycling.

Helmets and reflective jackets for cycling

A bike helmet is an essential piece of protective gear to wear during your bike rides. It will protect you in case of a fall. Reflective bike jackets are essential protective gear for cyclists. With their reflective surface, they increase the visibility of cyclists, especially

in low light areas.


Sunglasses when riding a bike

Cycling glasses are essential accessories for cyclists. They protect the eyes from UV rays, wind, dust, and insects. Polarized lenses also reduce glare on reflective surfaces, improving the cyclist's visibility. Improve your vision and you're style of riding when you wear 

a pair of sunglasses for your biking trips!


Bike bells and lights

Bicycle bells allow cyclists to alert pedestrians and other cyclists of their presence, which is particularly important in high traffic areas. Our bike protection lights provide optimal visibility

 and safety during night rides. Equipped with advanced LED technology, they're lightweight, waterproof, and easy to install.


Decathlon: The best biking gear for all

If you're a passionate cyclist who cares about your safety on the road, our selection of bike safety equipment is an obvious choice. With high-quality cycling products, optimal protection, and remarkable style, our bike safety equipment allows you to ride with confidence and s

afety. If you wish to be accompanied during your purchase, you can also pass in store.