Cycling Reflective Jackets

Stay safe on the road with quality reflective cycling jackets! Whether you ride in winter or summer, darkness can fall quickly and pose a dangerous challenge for cyclists. Our jackets are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, made with durable and waterproof materials that ensure your visibility on the road.

Bike safety vests and jackets

Stay visible and safe on the road with our collection of bicycle safety vests and jackets. Made with high-visibility materials and reflective strips, our vests and jackets provide maximum visibility during low-light conditions. From lightweight vests to insulated jackets, we have a range of options to suit any weather. Come try our jackets on in-store !

Quality cycling visibility vests and jackets in Canada

Not only are these jackets practical and stylish, they are also environmentally friendly. We have carefully selected high-quality materials that are durable and while keeping the environment in mind. By choosing one of these jackets, you are investing in a safety equipment tha

t will last for years while also minimizing your environmental impact.


Waterproof jackets to protect from rain and bad weather

Reflective vests are an essential piece of bicycle protection equipment for cyclists who want to stay visible and safe on the road, especially in rainy and bad weather conditions. With their waterproofing and sturdy construction, these jackets keep you dry and allow you to rid

e with confidence no matter the weather.


High visibility gear for men, women and kids

If you're planning a family bike ride, make sure to wear your reflective cycling jackets! This way, men, women, and kids will be visible on the road and protected from all external elements. Shop directly on our website or at one of our stores in Canada

 to find different options for your cycling jackets!


Our exchange and returns policy

If you've changed your mind or one of our jackets doesn't meet your needs, we offer returns or exchanges. An item purchased online or in-store can be exchanged or returned within 365 days of purchase if you're a member, or 30 days if you're not a member.