Bike Kickstands

Are you searching for a practical and suitable bike kickstand for your mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike or city bike? Look no further, where we offer a variety of bike kickstands designed to meet the needs of cyclists of all levels, ages for men, women and kids. Take advantage of our selection of high-quality cycling accessories and find the perfect solution for stabilizing your bike at any time.

Discover all our bike kickstands

A bike kickstand is an essential accessory for any cyclist who wants to stop and rest during their next bike ride. At Decathlon, we make it easy for you to find the perfect kickstand to fit your mountain bike or road bike. Our kickstands are designed for easy installation and use on any type of bike, making them ideal for all types of bike rides, bike models, and needs. Our bike stands are made of high-quality bike components and parts, which means they are built to last.

Easy-to-use adjustable options

Our adjustable bike kickstand options are perfect for both novice and experienced cyclists alike. They are easy to adjust without the need for tools and can fit touring bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes. Whether you need a bike kickstand for daily commuting

or weekend adventures on your mountain bike, Decathlon has the perfect solution for you. Shop according to your bike type, bike frame, bike kickstand position, bike racks or the maximum load.


Practical bike kickstands

Our bike kickstands are not only practical but also discreet, making them ideal for cyclists who want to maintain the sleek and stylish look of their bikes. They are designed to provide stability and comfort during breaks, making it easier for you to enjoy your rides without a

ny worries. Each of our models can be installed, used, and disassembled in just a few minutes, making them convenient and hassle-free.


Kickstands adapted to all bikes

At Decathlon, we understand that different cyclists have different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of kickstands to suit all types of bikes. Choose between center, side, or double kickstands depending on your cycling needs. We also offer adjustable models, non-slip b

ases, and options that can support loads from 25 to 50 kg. With our selection of kickstands, you can find the perfect fit for your bike and your needs.


Cycling for all thanks to Decathlon

Decathlon is committed to making cycling accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of cycling products designed with innovation and sustainability in mind. As designers, manufacturers, and distributors

 of high-quality sports equipment, we are proud to offer Canadian families the best value for their money. Choose Decathlon for all your cycling needs, and enjoy the best sports equipment on the market.