Hiking Leg Gaiters & Insoles

Looking to tackle Canada's most challenging trails in total comfort? Look no further than our high-quality leg gaiters and hiking insoles. These accessories are designed to offer you maximum comfort and protection so that you can say goodbye to sore, tired feet and focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Enhance your hiking experience with our leg gaiters and hiking insoles

You want to be warm, dry, and pain-free when you're mid-way between the starting point and the mountaintop. Our leg gaiters and hiking insoles are perfect for elevating your hiking experience. Made with advanced technology, each accessory will enhance your performance on the trails. Take a look at our quality hiking clothes collection to take your hiking experience to the next level!

Remain comfortable with our gel insoles for hiking boots

Our hiking insoles are made with 5-mm gel to reduce vibration and improve the comfort of your shoes during long hikes. These gel insoles for hiking boots minimize foot fatigue, prevent blisters, and increase your overall comfort on the trails. Each pair comes with a self-adhes

ive coating to remain in place at the bottom of your hiking shoes as you move around.


Protect your legs from the elements with our leg gaiters

Our hiking leg gaiters are made with breathable and water-resistant materials that protect your legs from debris, mud, and other elements that could interfere with your hiking experience. Designed to cover the top of your hiking boots and lower leg, these gaiters are adjustabl

e to ensure maximum comfort and mobility and are made to last.


Conquer any trail with confidence

Our leg gaiters and hiking insoles are designed to give you the confidence you need to conquer any trail. Whether you're hiking on rocky terrain or through wet and muddy conditions, they will keep you protected and comfortable every step of the way. With our advanced technolog

y and innovative design, you can focus on the adventure and let our accessories take care of your feet.


Order all your hiking accessories from Decathlon

Don't wait to equip yourself with our top-quality hiking leg gaiters, insoles and other accessories. Order them today and take your hiking game to the next level. Discover hiking socks, boots, shows and more when you drop by Decathlon! Don't wait; enjoy maximum comfort and pro

tection on the trails today!