Running Hydration Belts and Bags

Our running vests and hydration belts are your answer to staying hydrated on the move. They offer immediate access to your drink, allowing you to satisfy your thirst without interrupting your rhythm. They are an essential accessory—the guardians of your hydration and your race's muses.

Running Vest: Perfect Balance of Functionality

Functionality is at the heart of our running water belts and hydration vests. Their intuitive design, perfect fit and balanced weight distribution allow you to carry your drinks easily and hang your sunglasses to the buckle when the sun disappears behind the clouds. Discover all our running accessories for the road.

Hydration vest: A portrait of style

Our running vests and water belts are also about style. Their modern look and streamlined aesthetic add a touch of sophistication to your running gear. They are a portrait of your taste, an expression of your personality. Sleek and flexible in design, you can 

store them in your running backpack at the end of your run.


Your support system to build stamina

Our hydration belts and jogging vests are the perfect ally for your endurance. They keep you hydrated throughout your race and intense outings, optimizing your performance. They are the secret of your perseverance, the support of your longevity. Let's go for the long haul!

Running vests: A companion for all seasons

Whatever the season, our running vests and hydration belts are there to accompany you. Made with durable materials and insulation technology adapt to every weather condition, ensuring your drinks stay fresh. They're your reliable companions all year round. Drop by the Decathlo

n nearest you to discover our running lights, backpacks, glasses and any other accessory to make your run a pleasant experience.


How to stay properly hydrated during a race?

For optimal hydration during a race, drink small sips regularly rather than large quantities at once. Listen to your body and anticipate thirst. Also, consider energy drinks to replenish lost electrolytes. Stay hydrated for peak performance! Discover 

all the tips from our Decathlon experts on our blog.