Kids Running Shoes: Road, Trail & Racing

Our kid's running shoes are designed to accompany those first daring steps, transforming every run into a journey of imagination. Light as a feather, they bring a feeling of freedom and immeasurable joy with every stride. Running is an adventure, a game, an invitation to explore. Find the perfect running accessory for your next family race!

Kid’s running shoes: A soft cradle for their little feet

The comfort of your little one’s feet is our absolute priority. Our shoes combine soft materials and cutting-edge technology to create a cocoon of well-being. The sole, as soft as a caress, protects and supports, while the lacing ensures a perfect fit. With our shoes, every step is one of pure joy.

Colorful and Fun Running Shoes for Kids to Match Their Style and Inspire Their Run

Our running shoes for kids are a celebration of joy and carefree fun. Colourful, lively designs make their way onto our models, inspiring wonder at every glance. Whether your child is a fan of bright colours or more discreet shoes, 

find a style to match their running clothes and have them looking stylish all season long.


Working towards a durable environment

We are committed to preserving the future of our little runners. Our kid’s running shoes are made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. By choosing our running shoes, you are taking a step towards a greener future while ensuring exceptional comfort and quality.

Kid's Running Shoes Offering Perfect Grip for Every Jump, Sprint, and Laugh

Every race is a new story, a new game to invent. Our kid’s running shoes are designed to accompany these adventures, offering the perfect grip for every jump, every sprint, and every burst of laughter. They are the faithful ally of every adventure, ready to explore every corne

r of the world.


Decathlon’s running shoes for kids: The miniature Canadian spirit

In Canada, we teach our children to love nature, embrace adventure and savour every moment. Our kid's running shoes embody this Canadian spirit, combining quality, comfort, and style. We design running gear to accompany them at every step, every run, and every dream in the imm

ensity of the Canadian landscape.