Running Accessories

Running Essentials: Accessories to Elevate Every Mile

Every runner has their essential running gear, those accessories that turn a simple run into an exceptional experience. We offer you a selection of running accessories for men and women designed to enhance your experience. Each item is a valuable addition to your kit, from absorbent headbands to thermal gloves and running belts.

Running accessories for men and women: The luxury is in the details

In the world of running, every detail counts. Our accessories are designed to meet this requirement. Their meticulous design and impeccable functionality make each accessory a true luxury item. You’ll notice the details that make the difference, the luxury that transforms perf

ormance. Explore our collection of backpacks for running, headbands, running lights and more.


Accessories made using the art of technology

Our running accessories for women and men incorporate the art of technology. Whether it's connected bracelets that track your progress or to stay hydrated with our hydration belts for running, each accessory is an ode to innovation. They are the guardians of your performance,

the witnesses of your evolution.


The runner's silhouette

Running accessories are not just functional, but they also shape the runner's silhouette. They are a reflection of your personality, the ambassadors of your style. With our accessories, you don't just run, you display your identity as a runner.

Running accessories for women and men: A journey through the seasons

Running in Canada means experiencing the cycle of the seasons. Our accessories are designed to accompany you on this journey. Each accessory is a faithful companion for every season. At Decathlon, you’ll find running sunglasses for hot summer days

 to warm hats for winter. With our items, you're ready to embrace adventure, whatever the weather.