Running Headbands

Designed with the active Canadian in mind. These running headbands are not just accessories, they're essential gear for runners. Crafted with high-quality materials, they offer a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style, making your running experience more enjoyable and efficient with our running gear.

Innovative Running Headbands

Our running headbands are engineered to keep sweat at bay, allowing you to focus on your pace and not on the perspiration trickling down your face. The moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat, keeping your eyes clear and your mind on the track or trail. No more distractions, just pure, uninterrupted running. Also discover all our running accessories.

Equipment suitable for all conditions

We understand the diverse weather conditions in Canada. Whether you're running under the scorching summer sun or braving the chilly winter mornings, our running headbands and running clothes are designed to provide optimal comfort

. They offer warmth during cold runs and are breathable enough for hot weather, making them a year-round running companion.


Soccer Headbands for Every Style

Style meets functionality with our running headbands. Available in a variety of colours, design and patterns, they add a dash of personality to your running gear. Whether you prefer a minimalist black or a vibrant pattern, we've got you covered with many options. Stand out fro

m the crowd while you run your best race.


Comfort for All

Our running headbands are designed to fit securely without causing discomfort. The stretchable fabric and materials ensures a snug fit for all head sizes to wick away sweat, preventing the running headband from slipping on your hair during intense runs. Say goodbye to constant

readjustments and hello to a headband that stays put, no matter your pace or hair.


Decathlon: Your Running Brand

Elevate your experience with our running headbands, available in stores or online. With over 60 sports and activities, we offer quality products at budget-friendly prices. Feel the difference as you run with confidence, knowing you've invested wisely. Choose Decathlon and join

the community of satisfied customers who trust us for their sporting needs. Shop now and upgrade your performance and style.