Running Gloves & Mittens

Introducing our quality running gloves and running mittens, designed to keep you warm and comfortable during chilly runs. Crafted with high-quality materials, these jogging gloves provide insulation while maintaining dexterity, ensuring optimal performance and grip for runners.

Running Gloves for Every Weather Condition

Prepare for any weather with our running gloves. Featuring windproof and water-resistant properties, our running mittens and jogging gloves protect your hands from harsh elements, allowing you to stay focused and motivated on your run, even in windy and cold winter conditions.

Run with Warmth: Discover our High-Comfort, Ergonomic Gloves and Mittens

Experience ultimate comfort with our ergonomic designs. The running gloves and mittens offer a snug fit on your hands, providing warmth without sacrificing freedom of movement. The soft, breathable materials keep your hands dry and comfortable, eliminating distractions during

your workouts. Discover our wide range of running apparel and be ready to head out and improve your performance.


Made for Everyone

Style meets functionality in our range of running gloves. Choose your pair of gloves from a variety of colours and designs to match your running gear and make a statement while staying protected from the wind, the temperature drops and any forecast. Remember to 

check out all our running accessories for men, women and kids.


Touchscreen-Compatible Running Gloves and Mittens for Your Convenience

Stay connected on the go with our touchscreen-compatible running gloves and running mittens. Easily use your devices without the need to remove your gloves, ensuring convenience and functionality during your runs. We even have warmer gloves for winter, that are sure to keep yo

ur hands warm at all times, whether you're using your smartphone or sipping some water. 


Decathlon: More Than a Store

Elevate your running experience with our quality jogging gloves. Join the Decathlon community of satisfied customers who rely on our products for cold-weather runs. Shop in-store or online and embrace warmth, comfort, and style for your next running adventure. Did you know tha

t we also have an advice page to provide you with as many information, tips and tricks for every sport and activity. So head out and enjoy your favourite activity and don't let the cold weather put a stop to your active life!