Swim Caps

Our swim caps turn every stroke of your arm in the water into a seamless sprint across the pool. They reduce resistance and optimize speed, allowing you to glide through the water easily. They are your competition headgear, combining technicality and performance.

Optimum comfort for your swimming sessions

Our swimming caps provide a snug fit, gently enveloping your head for a pressure-free fit. They are your comfort shield, a soft barrier that protects your long hair and scalp from the drying effects of chlorine. Discover swimming towels to get you dry in no time!

Swimming caps: a rainbow of colours

With a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, our swimming caps are a visual odyssey. They combine functionality and style, allowing every swimmer to express their personality while optimizing their performance. You'll also find all our swimming gear

 and equipment for your next aquatic adventure!


Innovative silicone swim caps

Each soft silicone swim cap is an epic journey of innovation. Made from advanced materials, they embody our commitment to pushing back the boundaries of swimming technology. They are your partner underwater, an essential asset in your quest to excel. 

Find the perfect pair of swim goggles to match your bathing cap!


Bathing caps designed to last

Our swim caps are a test of durability, designed to withstand intensive use. They are your trusted allies, ready to accompany you through rigorous training sessions and gruelling competitions in Canada. You'll be wearing them for a really long time!

Bathing caps: an invitation to excellence

Every cap is an invitation to excellence, a call to improve your performance and express your style. We invite you to immerse yourself and discover various swimsuits and bathing caps in various styles and colours. Take your swimming to the next level with our swim caps.