Dehydrated Camping Food

Whatever your preferred outdoor sport, you shouldn't compromise on flavour. Even while trekking through the wilderness, our dehydrated camping food ensures your palate stays satisfied without weighing down your pack. Designed for convenience and packed with flavour, our high-energy meals can be prepared in minutes, offering a gourmet camping experience wherever your adventures take you!

Dehydrating food for backpacking: Convenience in the great outdoors

For ease of convenience, dehydrating food for backpacking allows you to stock up on more without being bogged down by weight. With a variety of meals to choose from, simply add boiling water, wait a few minutes, and voilà – a delicious, nourishing feast awaits. From classic comfort foods like shepherd's pie to exotic options like Thai coconut soup, there's something for every palate in our selection.

Camping food on-the-go

Fuel your outdoor escapades with meals packed with essential nutrients. Our dehydrated camping food retains the goodness of fresh ingredients, ensuring you get the energy you need to conquer your next adventure. With balanced portions of proteins, carbs, and vitamins, you'll s

tay energized and ready for whatever the Canadian wilderness throws your way. Find the right camping cooking gear for your next vacation!


Lightweight and packable dehydrated camping food

Streamline your backpack with our lightweight, dehydrated camping food meals. Dehydrated to perfection, our food shrinks in size without compromising on flavour or nutritional value. Say goodbye to lugging heavy provisions and hello to extra space for your camera, fishing gear

, or that well-deserved snack for the summit. Turn on your camping stove, and let the feast begin.


Stay environmentally conscious even in the wild

We believe in leaving no trace behind. That's why our dehydrated camping food is crafted with sustainability in mind. Using minimal package use, we work hard to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing your outdoor experience.

Check out our camping utensil sets and feel good about the fact that you’re making a positive impact with every delicious bite.


Experience the taste of adventure with Decathlon

Elevate your camping cuisine with our range of dehydrated camping food pouches, designed to be easily prepared using your trusty camping cookware set. From sunrise breakfasts to tasty desserts while gazing at the sunset, we've got you covered. Join the countless adventurers ac

ross Canada who rely on our food to fuel their outdoor passions by dropping at the Decathlon nearest you today!