Camping Cookware Sets

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice camper, our collection of durable camping cookware is designed to enhance your cooking experience while you explore Canada's breathtaking landscapes. Imagine savouring the aroma of freshly boiled hot cocoa with marshmallows as the morning mist surrounds your campsite or indulging in a hearty stew under the starlit sky—our gear ensures that every meal is a memorable feast.

Easy cooking with our camping pots and pans

Say goodbye to bland camping meals and hello to gourmet delights under the open sky. Our lightweight and compact stainless steel camping pots and pans are designed for easy portability, fitting snugly into your backpack without weighing you down on the trail. From sizzling breakfast skillets to evening casseroles simmering over the campfire, whip up delicious meals wherever your adventure takes you!

Quality camping cookware for every adventure

Built to withstand the rigours of outdoor life, our camping cookware combines premium craftsmanship with innovative design. With features like non-stick coatings and heat-resistant handles, our gear empowers you to cook with confidence, and clean up with ease.

Find the perfect cooking gear for your next camping adventure in even the most remote campsite.


Savour every moment around the campfire

Gather around the flickering flames with friends and family as the aroma of freshly prepared food fills the air. Our camping cookware enhances this magical experience, allowing you to laugh and relax with your camping crew.

Explore our variety of camping utensil sets, and revel in every bite, knowing you have the perfect tools to turn wilderness ingredients into delicious meals.


Find the ultimate camping cooking set

From boiling water in the kettle for your morning coffee to simmering savoury stews in a durable stainless steel cooking pots, our camping cooking set has you covered from sunrise to sunset. Keep your provisions fresh and chilled in our efficient cooler, and

find the perfect camping stove and cook perfectly tenderized meat every time! When it comes to outdoor cooking, our camping cookware collection can’t be beaten!


Decathlon: Your partner for outdoor gastronomy

Dreaming of a gastronomic adventure under the open sky? Look no further! Whether you're plotting a quick weekend escape or a grand cross-country odyssey, Decathlon is your ultimate ally for crafting delectable camping food

amidst nature's wonder. Pack your backpack and get ready to bring your wilderness dining experience to new heights.