Kids' & Babies Summer Clothes

Vibrant colours and fun designs

Our kids’ summer clothes feature vibrant colours and fun designs that your kids will love. From playful patterns to trendy prints, there's something for every child’s unique personality. Made from breathable, high-quality fabrics, these clothes ensure maximum comfort during those long, sunny days. At Decathlon, you’ll find the perfect summer clothes for the entire family!

Adorable kids and baby summer clothes

For the tiniest members of your clan, our baby summer clothes are both cute and practical. Soft, gentle fabrics protect delicate skin while keeping babies cool. Choose from a range of kids’ and babies hats

, tiny t-shirts and shorts that make every moment photo-worthy. Our baby collection is designed to keep your tiny tot comfortable and happy all summer long.


Perfect for every occasion

From breathable sports shoes, to lightweight shorts and tops, our kids’ summer clothes collection allows your little ones to move freely. Each piece is crafted with care, ensuring durability to withstand all the tumbles and adventures that await them this summer.

Find a variety of t-shirts for kids designed for all their summer activities.


Easy care kids’ summer clothes for busy parents

We understand that parents need clothes that are easy to care for. Our kids’ summer clothes collection is designed for convenience, with machine-washable fabrics that retain their colour and shape. Spend less time worrying about laundry and more time creating memories with you

r children. Discover breathable comfy shorts for kids designed for various sports to keep them active all summer long.


Decathlon: Helping the whole family get ready for summer

Whether your family enjoys water sports, team activities, or spending weekends on the bicycle paths, at Decathlon we have all the gear you need to get you there. From sporting equipment to fashionable active and footwear, we cater to the whole family, and you’ll find it all at

an affordable price. Drop by one of our stores, or shop directly online today.