Get moving, get living: Embrace urban mobility!

What is urban mobility

Explore your city like never before with urban mobility! From biking to scooters to walking, we offer a wide selection of sustainable and convenient transportation options to help you navigate urban life with ease. Say goodbye to traffic jams, parking woes, and expensive car repairs, and say hello to a greener, healthier, and more affordable way to get around. With urban mobility, you can (re)discover your city's hidden gems, connect with your community, and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time. So why wait? Join the urban mobility revolution today and start living your best city life!

How to choose your bike

With so many different types of bikes, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. But don't worry! Choosing the perfect bike is easier than you might think! First, consider what you'll be using the bike for. If you plan on using it for commuting, running errands, or leisurely rides, a hybrid bike may be the best choice. If you need something that takes us less room, and that can be easily carried, a folding bike may be your perfect fit! If you're looking to hit the open road and cover long distances, a road bike might be more your speed. And if you're an adrenaline junkie who loves off-road adventures, a mountain bike is the way to go. Ultimately, the key to choosing the right bike is to test out different options, and choose the one that feels most comfortable and suited to your needs. Visit us in store and ask one of our teammates for advice, they'll be happy to help your choose a bike.

Hybrid bikes

Designed for versatile riders who love exploring the outdoors, we have the model suited to your needs. Whether you're commuting to work or hitting the gravel trails, let us provide you with the freedom to explore without limits.

Folding bikes

Folding bikes are an excellent solution for those with limited space and who like to take an eco-friendly mode of transportation to work.

Road bikes

Designed with speed, agility, and endurance in mind, our road bikes provide unmatched performance and durability on every ride.

Mountain bikes

Whether you're a freeriding pro looking for something new or taking your first adventure on the back trails, we have bikes for riders at all levels. Available in a range of sizes and models to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect fit.

Bike accessories

If you're planning to travel by bike, it's important to prioritize your safety and comfort. Investing in some additional gear can go a long way towards achieving both. Consider the following items to enhance your cycling experience:


Protect your head and stay safe while biking.

We strongly recommend wearing a helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries in case of an accident (Helmets are mandatory in certain provinces). A helmet can also improve your visibility on the road, especially if equipped with a light.


Having a bell on your bike is not only a safety measure, but it's also a polite and effective way to alert pedestrians and other cyclists of your presence on the road.

Not only does it make for a more civilized experience than shouting out, but it can also prevent accidents and keep everyone safer.

Light and Safety

It's important to prioritize safety when riding at night or in low light conditions

This is where a good set of lights can make all the difference, they're also an essential tool for seeing and being seen on the road. Additionally, a light reflecting vest can provide an extra layer of protection.


Protect your bike by investing in a high-quality lock.

When selecting a lock, it's important to consider the level of security you need, as well as the weight and portability of the lock. Our range of bike locks is designed to offer a variety of options to fit your individual preferences and requirements.

Carry your belongings with you

When you're on the go, it's essential to have a way to carry your belongings with you. That's where our wide range of products comes in, we have everything you need, from bike bags to panniers and saddle bags, to transport your belongings such as your handbag, cell phone, laptop, paperwork and your groceries. Carry everything with ease, without straining your back or shoulders. Our products are designed with functionality and comfort in mind, ensuring that you can carry everything you need hassle free. So, say goodbye to bulky backpacks and awkwardly balanced shopping bags, whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or simply out for a leisurely ride, make sure you have everything you need with you and enjoy the journey!

Ride all year long

Don't let the changing seasons hold you back from enjoying the freedom and convenience of cycling. With the right gear and preparation, you can bike all year long. Whether it's warm and sunny or cold and rainy, we have the right products to help you stay comfortable and safe on your ride. From breathable apparel and waterproof accessories to bike lights and reflective gear, our range of products will help you tackle any weather or riding conditions. Biking all year long can also help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and stay active and healthy. So, don't let the weather keep you from cycling, gear up and hit the road, no matter the season!

Riding in rain

Rainy days don't have to keep you from biking. With the right gear and a little bit of preparation, you can stay dry, comfortable, and safe on your ride. Waterproof jackets, pants, and shoes will help keep you dry, while fenders can help prevent mud and water from splashing onto you and your bike. Biking in the rain can be a unique and refreshing experience, offering a different perspective and adding some adventure to your ride.

Riding in cold weather

Biking in cold weather can be challenging and fun, but it's important to prepare properly to stay warm and comfortable. Dressing in layers is essential, as it allows you to regulate your body temperature and stay warm without overheating. Insulated gloves, hats, and socks can also help keep extremities warm. With the right gear, you can continue to enjoy biking year-round, even in colder weather. So, don't let that stop you, get on your bike, bundle up, and feel the rush of cool air as you ride through your favourite routes.

Riding in the Snow

Biking in the snow can be a unique and exciting way to explore the outdoors. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride, it's important to have the right gear. Snow tires and fenders can provide extra grip and protection, while wearing layers and waterproof clothing will help you stay warm and dry. Don't let a little snow keep you from experiencing the freedom and joy of cycling, with the right equipment and preparation, you can safely enjoy the winter wonderland on two wheels.

Get ready to ride to work

Using your bike, your scooter, inline skates or running to work is a healthy and eco-friendly means of transportation for commuting. Commuting by one of these means, can improve your physical health by allowing you to get regular exercise. It can also enhance your mental well-being and mood by letting you escape from daily stress and giving you a sense of accomplishment. It's a great way to start your workday on a positive note! In addition, using an urban mobility sport to work can save you money on fuel and car maintenance costs, and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, it can be a fast and convenient way to get around the city, without the hassle of traffic, peak hours, and parking space. In conclusion, commuting by bike, scooter, inline skates, or running is good for your health, your wallet, and the environment.


Regular bike maintenance is essential for keeping your bike in top condition and ensuring a safe and smooth ride. By taking care of your bike, you can extend its lifespan, prevent breakdowns, and avoid costly repairs. Some important maintenance tasks include keeping your bike clean and lubricated, checking tire pressure and brakes, and inspecting the chain, gears, and cables. By investing in bike maintenance, you can keep your bike running smoothly and enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride.


Regular bike maintenance is important to keep your bike in top condition, particularly if you use your bike every day. We recommend checking your bike each week to ensure the tires are properly inflated and not overly worn. Remember to use a lubricant to grease the chain and lock can help keep your bike running smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.


Properly functioning brakes are a critical component of any bike, and having two well-adjusted brakes is essential for safe and effective braking. If you have any concerns about the performance of your bike's brake system, we recommend visiting one of our Workshops, where our skilled teammates can assess and adjust your brakes to ensure they are working at their best.


While bikes require less maintenance than cars, it's still important to have them serviced regularly to ensure they are in top condition. At Decathlon, we make bike maintenance easy with our Workshops. Our skilled teammates will perform a comprehensive inspection of your bike and provide you with a free estimate for any necessary services. With us, you can rest assured that your ride is in good hands.

Breaking down on the way

Always carry a bike repair kit with air pump, for those unexpected breakdowns or flat tires that can happen while you're out on a ride. This will allow you to make quick and easy repairs on the go, so you can get back to enjoying your ride in no time.

The benefits of Urban Mobility

Urban mobility offers many benefits over traditional transportation methods. It is a more affordable and environmentally friendly option, as it produces fewer emissions and takes up less space on the road. Urban mobility also provides a great opportunity for exercise and helps reduce traffic congestion, making the city a more pleasant and efficient place to live. By embracing urban mobility, you can enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle, while also reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier, more livable city, whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or simply exploring the city. So, why not choose urban mobility and discover the many benefits of this modern, efficient, and sustainable means of transportation?

Get moving, get living: Embrace urban mobility!