Tennis Equipment

Awaken your inner champion

Discover our large selection of tennis equipment and gear: let yourself be tempted by our collection of tennis rackets, real jewels of engineering, designed with precision and refinement. A blend of tradition and technology, they are an extension of your arm, amplifying the strength and control of your game.

Tennis clothing: Combining style and comfort

Don't just play, look stylish and powerful too. Find a selection of tennis clothing that is both functional and fashionable, designed with top-of-the-range fabrics that combine performance and style. Sweat with panache, show your fighting spirit and be stylish on the court. Wh

en it comes to the sport we love, we’ve got top-of-the-line tennis equipment!


Tennis equipment: Feel the velocity of our tennis balls

The very essence of tennis is the ball. Our tennis balls are a condensation of innovation, guaranteeing a stable trajectory and optimal bounce, no matter what the Canadian weather brings. They carry the energy of your shots and release the thrill of victory with every winning



Tennis shoes: Light strides

Dexterity and speed are precious allies on the court. Our tennis shoes are designed to be lightweight and durable while you practice your favourite racket sport. Each pair moulds perfectly to your feet, ensuring optimum comfort and exceptional support. They are an extension of

your will, propelling you towards the ball with ease and confidence.


Tennis gear and accessories: Complete your equipment

Nothing has been left to chance. Discover our carefully selected range of tennis accessories to complete your tennis equipment perfectly. From racket grips to nets, each piece is a treasure trove of ingenuity, designed to boost your performance and enhance your style. So well-

equipped, you're ready to take on any challenge, from a simple training session to a decisive match. Drop by the Decathlon store nearest you to check out all our tennis gear.