Tennis Rackets for Men and Women

Our tennis rackets are more than just tools. They are the result of cutting-edge technology combined with meticulous design. From the latest high-tech materials to dynamic strings, we've thought of every detail to maximize your performance. Discover the exhilaration of striking the ball with a racket that lives up to your highest ambitions.

Dominate the court with power: men's rackets

Imagine an extension of your arm, a perfect harmony between your body and your equipment. Our men's rackets are forged with meticulous precision and an exemplary balance of power and control. Feel the strings vibrate under the ball's impact, and let the echo of your supremacy ring out on the court.

Dance with elegance: women's rackets

Elevate your game with elegance and precision with our women's tennis rackets. Their harmonious curves, light-weight and ideal balance allow you to handle the art of tennis with grace and efficiency. Tame the tennis ball

 and leave your indelible mark on each game you play.


The right tennis racquet for every style of play

Whether you're a baseline virtuoso, a master of the serve-and-volley or a rebound enthusiast, we have a racquet to suit your needs. Our varied selection caters to players of all styles, strengths and abilities, offering unrivalled customization. Express your individuality on t

he court with our tennis racquets.


Tennis rackets and equipment for all seasons

Because Canada is a country of wide open spaces and diverse climates, our tennis racquets are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Rain, snow or shine, our tennis rackets guarantee unwavering performance, control, and durability. You can also 

explore our wide selection of tennis gear.


Invest in your passion

Buying one of our tennis rackets is an investment in your passion for tennis. They express your commitment, determination, and love for this noble sport. By choosing our rackets, you're choosing excellence, quality, and the power of every shot you hit. Drop into one of our sto

res and find a variety of tennis clothes and equipment. Our experienced staff is on hand to answer all your questions.