Tennis Clothes for Men, Women and Kids

Elegance on the court: our women's tennis clothes

Embodying the grace and power of the female game, check out our women's tennis skirts that combine comfort and style. With their refined cuts and breathable materials, they ensure unrivalled ease of movement. The elegance of our tennis clothes accompanies you on every serve, every volley, and every victory.

Style and performance: The promise of men's tennis clothing

For tennis gents, our tennis polo collection stands out for its timeless look and functionality. The use of technical fabrics provides perfect moisture-wicking and unrivalled comfort, while the precise cuts underline the power and agility of your game. 

Find the perfect tennis shoes, shirts, and more and bring your game to the next level!


Tennis: An exciting adventure for children

Our children's tennis clothes invite youngsters to discover the joys of tennis. Designed to withstand the toughest challenges, they combine lightness and robustness. The cheerful colours and fun designs of our kids' collection bring a breath of fun and enthusiasm to every cour



Tennis clothing: Innovation meets style

Our range of tennis clothes is the perfect expression of our commitment to innovation and style. Each piece is a feat of technicality and aesthetics, designed to enhance your performance while highlighting your individuality on the court. For the hot weather and freedom of mov

ement, we also offer a wide range of tennis shorts.


Tennis clothes and gear: the leader in Canada

In Canada, tennis is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle, so that’s why we carry the best tennis gear for players of all ages. Our tennis clothing embody this Canadian passion for tennis. With our tennis collections for women, men and children, we bring a touch of elegance and

performance to every court.