Tennis Shoes

Our tennis shoes combine comfort and performance

Our range of tennis shoes is designed to maximize your comfort and performance. Made from top-quality materials, they provide unrivalled flexibility and excellent shock absorption, allowing you to focus on your game and move gracefully.

A wide selection of tennis shoes suited to all tastes

Choose from a kaleidoscope of colours to reflect your passion for tennis. Whether you prefer emerald green or vibrant orange, each shade has been carefully selected to express your personality and desire to dominate the court. Come and try on your future pair of tennis shoes d

irectly at Decathlon and match them to your favourite tennis shirt! 


Perfect fit for unrestricted freedom

We recognize that every player is different. That's why our tennis shoes come in various sizes to suit everyone. They fit your feet perfectly, promoting unhindered freedom of movement and unequaled performance. Discover our entire collection of tennis equipment



Tough and durable tennis shoes

Designed to withstand Canadian weather conditions, our tennis shoes retain their shape and performance even after intensive use. Whether it's bright sunshine or a cool breeze, find durable tennis socks and shoes to help you stay focused during every serve.

An invitation to excellence on the court

It's time to put on your tennis clothes and shoes and take to the court. With confidence and style, these shoes reflect your commitment to tennis and relentless pursuit of excellence. Make every game a performance to remember.