Diving & Snorkeling Fins

Whether you're a fan of scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling, enjoy diving fins tailored to your practice and needs. Comfortable and ergonomic, these foot fins provide you with efficient propulsion during your swimming or diving sessions, extending the pleasure and underwater explorations!

Diving Fins for Kids and Adults

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, snorkeling fins give you that extra push underwater. A model suited to your needs reduces muscle fatigue and accompanies each of your movements with flexibility. Enjoy a wide selection of diving equipment for children and adults, designed for your favourite water sports!

How to Choose a Suitable Fin Model?

Our models are designed for different ages, diving levels, and swimming conditions. To find the format suited to your needs, explore the features of each model at the bottom of the page! Compare our different types of blades, foot pockets, and functions to effectively accompan

y you during your diving sessions.


Your Snorkeling Accessories for Added Fun

Every diver needs suitable equipment to swim with flexibility and lightness! In addition to our selection of diving fins, we offer a variety of diving suits to protect your skin and insulate it effectively. Also enjoy our diving masks and snorkels for children and adults



Discover the Technological Advances of Our Masks and Snorkels

Both flexible and powerful, our diving fins and snorkeling fins are designed to ensure your comfort and stability during swimming for different types of feet. Each model has unique functions to meet swimming conditions and your level. And to keep up with the growth of the youn

gest, we also offer adjustable fin models!


Decathlon: Your Water Sports Essentials

With specialized equipment for over 60 disciplines, Decathlon offers you top-notch gear for your favourite water activities. Our experts are constantly innovating to find increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions.

 Discover our water shoes and other aquatic equipment to extend the pleasure in the water.