Basketball Balls

To enhance your performance and play with precision on the court, we offer a variety of basketballs for adults and kids. Explore models made of different materials, sizes, and firmness levels for a range of ages and expertise! Accurate, reliable, and durable gear, designed by basketball enthusiasts.

A Wide Selection of Basketballs

Looking for a basketball ball that meets your needs on the court? To accommodate all preferences, we offer different materials, sizes and circumference (1 to 7), and textures for unique gaming experiences. From leather basketballs, rubber basketballs, synthetic basketballs and indoor basketballs or outdoor basketballs, we've got what you are looking for. Enjoy a wide range of basketball equipment designed for basketball players of all ages and levels!

Basketballs for All Needs

To play comfortably and enhance your performance on the court, we offer different types of basketballs for beginners, intermediate players, and experts. We also offer different size of basketball balls, from 1 to 7, which cater to each age group. To compliment your gear,

 check out our selection of basketball clothing, designed for ease of play on the court.


How to Choose Your Basketball?

To find the model that suits your needs, use our filters at the top of the page. Choose your preferences from our types of balls, different levels of practice, and our prices. For more information on each product, consult the descriptions and benefits on each page. Why not

 check out our selection of basketball nets and hoops too, for your games and practices at home!


Your Complete Basketball Equipment

To prepare for all your games, training sessions, and friendly matches, Decathlon has gathered all the necessary equipment! In addition to our basketballs, we offer needles and nets to inflate and transport your basketballs. Finally,

 discover our selection of basketball shoes and our clothing to equip you from head to toe.


Decathlon: Companion for All Your Sports and Activities

With equipment dedicated to over 60 sports and activities we are proud to offer an array of sports gear for the whole family. Enjoy specialized apparel and accessories for your favorite sports and outdoor activities. Durable, comfortable gear accessible to everyone, without co

mpromising on quality. Visit us in store or online for affordable basketballs.