Running Lights

Embark on your daily run with confidence as our cutting-edge running lights illuminate your path, transforming your routine jog into an extraordinary adventure. Whether you're an early riser that jogs around the neighbourhood or prefer evening runs on the bike path, find the perfect running accessory to ensure you're always visible, promoting safety without compromising style.

Stay safe and run smart with running lights

Wear them on your head for maximum visibility, or store them in your running backpack for later; your safety is paramount, and our running lights become your perfect running companions. Let them pave the way, alerting others to your presence and intentions. Rain or shine, their water-resistant design ensures reliability, while their intuitive features adapt to your pace, casting a focused beam exactly where you need it.

Unleash your inner night owl

Embrace the allure of nighttime running with our sleek and lightweight running lights. Designed exclusively for runners, these lights are a testament to modern technology's marriage with athleticism. Feel the adrenaline as you conquer the darkness, one step at a time, while th

e luminous glow guides you toward your fitness goals.


A style that moves you

More than a safety tool, our lights are an expression of your individuality. Choose from a range of sleek designs that seamlessly complement your running gear. Stand out not just for your speed but also for your sense of style, as the lights effortlessly merge function with fa

shion. Discover stylish running sunglasses, packs, and other running accessories to keep you looking your best on your daily run.


Effortless performance all year long

Run without distractions, knowing our running lights are engineered for hassle-free performance. With adjustable straps and easy-to-use controls, these lights won't slow you down. Lightweight and comfortable, they're like an extension of your determination, helping you push yo

ur limits effortlessly.


Join the illuminated movement with Decathlon’s running lights

So put on your running hydration vest, strap on your running lights and become a part of the vibrant community of runners who have embraced the power of staying visible at all times. From early morning risers seeking serenity to night owls chasing their personal bests, our lig

hts unite individuals bound by their love for running.