Women's Winter Gloves

The women's winter gloves we offer combine comfort, performance and aesthetics. With a variety of colours and designs, there is a glove for everyone. Winter storms don't have to be an obstacle to your training. At Decathlon Canada, we want you to love winter!

Our collection of women’s gloves

Our women's gloves collection is made from technical materials, such as neoprene and fleece, to ensure maximum protection from the cold and breathability. The gloves are also lined with a waterproof and breathable membrane to protect you from snow and rain. We offer women's gloves for running, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and hunting.

Women's gloves with ergonomic designs for summer and winter

We've also incorporated ergonomic designs to fit your hand perfectly and provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement during your sporting activities. Decathlon Canada's women's gloves are well-equipped with anti-abrasion reinforcements for better durability.

Innovative technology to keep you warm

Our talented design team has incorporated innovative technologies. Our products help you get the most out of your activities. We rely on innovation to create products that are practical, comfortable and, above all, safe. Our mission? That quality is always at the forefront.

Gloves for sports and work

Whether you're working out or heading to work, our women's gloves will protect your hands from friction and impact while supporting your grip. They're to be breathable to prevent sweating. 

Where to buy gloves for women? Here at Decathlon Canada!

Be sporty even in winter! Don't wait any longer to equip yourself with high-performance and aesthetically pleasing winter gloves. Order now and continue to practice your favourite sports with comfort and style in winter. Or visit us in-store at 

one of our various locations across Canada.