Men's Winter Gloves

Howling wind, swirling snow, and bitterly cold winter conditions in Canada can be brutal, but with winter gloves for men, you have protection. With the right gear at prices, you'll love and enjoy the outdoors and your favourite sport with peace of mind! You'll love playing outside.

Warm winter gloves for men

The high-density fleece lining ensures optimal thermal insulation to protect you from the coldest temperatures. Fleece is a natural and environmentally friendly material that maintains body heat. It is also water and wind resistant, ideal for outdoor activities in winter.

Winter gloves for all your activities

Fleece, merino wool liner, or goose down gloves keep warm because they have natural insulating properties. Leather gloves for men can also keep warm because they are waterproof and windproof. Gloves lined with synthetic or natural fur keep the heat locked.

Discover our winter gloves for heading out

A pair of winter gloves suitable for various sports and activities is a game changer. You'll find that a pair of downhill ski or snowboarding winter gloves will protect your hands from the elements and any impact while p

roviding a firm grip on your poles. Running gloves are lightweight, breathable to wick away any water and an option for wearing on your commute to work.


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Buy with confidence. Find prices you'll love, create your online order and find out why a pair of men's winter gloves offer the best selection for men during the winter months in Canada. If you change your mind about your purchase, 

we will gladly do a return or exchange.


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