Kids Tennis Rackets

Our kids' tennis rackets are the perfect companions for those magical moments, designed for manoeuvrability, lightweight, and durability. The first exchanges on the court are like the awakening of a dream. Give your child the thrill of their first winning stroke.

Junior racket: Ergonomics, weight and size designed for small hands

A tennis racket becomes an extension of yourself when it's in the right hands. The soft, non-slip handles on our kid's rackets are designed to fit small hands. So every hit and every return becomes a source of joy and confidence. Discover our wide range of tennis clothing and equipment!

Children's tennis: A rainbow of colours

What colour is victory? Our various models for children are available in a myriad of shimmering colours to make the game all the more exciting. Each kids’ tennis racket reflects the vibrant personality of its young owner. Come and discover our range of tennis gear

 and rackets in store!


Equipment that grows with your child and improves their game

Our tennis rackets are more than just objects: they are partners in your child's evolution. They are designed to adapt to their growth, to support them as they learn, and to boost their self-confidence. Find the perfect tennis string

 to get your child pumped for their first serve!


Sturdiness and safety: Our top priorities

We know that the Canadian climate can be unpredictable, which is why our kid's tennis rackets are built to withstand the most diverse conditions. Their durability guarantees longevity, while their design focuses on the safety of our young players.

Investing in a dream

Giving your child a tennis ball and racket means believing in their potential and investing in their dream. It's giving them the means to discover, learn and love tennis. And who knows? Maybe you'll witness the blo

ssoming of a future grand champion.