Swimming Buoy & Noodles

To support you in your favourite water activities, Decathlon offers a variety of swim buoys, swimming noodles, and snorkel noodles. Explore our models designed for first swimming experiences, to support you during swimming, or simply to have fun! Enjoy a wide selection of accessories to play, learn, and excel in the water.

Wide Selection of Swim Buoys and Other Accessories

No matter your water practice, our diving buoys and swim buoys provide optimal support in the water. Each accessory is designed to learn to swim with confidence, accompany your exercises in the water, or relieve you during your marine explorations. Enjoy a wide range of diving and swimming equipment for the whole family!

Our Buoyancy Buoys for Diving

Already equipped with diving masks and snorkels and planning to explore the coastal seabed? To swim comfortably without tiring your arms, enjoy a diving buoy and swim buoy, specially designed for the o

ccasion! Suitable for both small and large divers, it allows you to extend the pleasure and marine exploration with lightness and stability.


Gear to Swim with Confidence

To accompany your children's first swimming experiences or strengthen your exercises in the water, we offer different choices of swimming noodles. These floaters allow you to get used to swimming gently, with comfort and stability. And our swimming noodles are also versatile!

A Range of Accessories to Dive with Ease

Are you a fan of diving in the sea, ocean, lake, or even pool? We offer all the necessary accessories for your explorations! Enjoy our selection of diving fins and swim buoy to propel you efficiently in the water or explore our selection of diving suits

 to protect your skin from friction and cold.


Decathlon: Quality Water Equipment Supplier

To gently get used to swimming or boost your performance in the water, Decathlon offers a range of water equipment. As a creator, manufacturer, and exclusive supplier of sports equipment, we help you practice your favourite activities with ease and comfort! Enjoy innovative de

sign and competitive prices, without compromising on quality.