Surf Booties, Socks & Gloves

Looking for surf booties and other equipment for your wave gliding sessions? Check out our selection of surf socks, gloves, and booties to equip you from head to toe. With a wide selection of neoprene surf wear, find all the gear you need to surf with comfort and ease in cool waters.

Find a wide range of surf gloves, socks, and booties

In addition to full wetsuits, Decathlon offers a complete range of equipment for surfers who face cold conditions in the water. Take advantage of complete surfing equipment for cooler temperatures, including our surf booties, gloves, and caps. Thanks to our quality accessories, enjoy great moments in the waves while staying insulated!

Keep your feet protected and insulated thanks to our surf shoes

Stay firmly anchored to your board while keeping your feet warm! Decathlon offers you a variety of surfing accessories to protect your feet from cold and chafing during your sessions in the water. Take advantage of our surf shoes and boots, specially designed for your needs.

From surf socks to gloves: All you need for surfing in cold waters

Complete your wetsuit with all the accessories designed for your favourite water sport, even in the coldest conditions. Discover our webbed surf gloves, surfboard socks and other insulating

neoprene equipment. You can also take advantage of our surf caps and surf boots to keep your extremities warm.


How do I find the right equipment?

Use our filters at the top of the page to find the right surf booties or other products for your needs. Select your preferences from our different products, sizes, and price ranges. For more information, see the description at the bottom of each item. And for your warm-water e

xpeditions, explore our selection of surf wear too.


Decathlon: Partner to sports enthusiasts young and old

For all your water, outdoor and indoor sports, Decathlon offers a wide range of quality equipment at affordable prices! As designers, manufacturers and exclusive distributors of our sports products and brands, we are proud to inspire all Canadian families to enjoy an active li

festyle. So drop by your nearest Decathlon and explore a variety of surfing rash guards, accessories, and surf booties designed to get the most out of your surfing expedition!